Creative industries and the creative economy as a space for research and practice

An edited volume

This is a collection of articles prepared by the fellows of the Oxford Russia Fund and experts - the participants of the Summer School 2011 «Creative industries and creative economy: developing applied research and projects». An international conference at the Skolkovo School of Management in February 2012 concluded the project of Summer School, at which project authors were given the chance to present their works.

It is no coincidence that this collection contains both project descriptions by young Russians and articles by recognised foreign specialists - Lluis Bonet, Marjo Maenpaa, Giulio Stumpo and Chris Helmbrecht. We believe that the texts gathered together here will be of interest and useful to anyone who would like to become further acquainted with the theories and practices of creative industries and the creative economy, and will help paint a clearer picture of what is happening both within Russia and abroad.


Сreative industries. Russian Profile analytical report

The purpose of the report is to provide creative communities with the necessary information about current situation in the creative economy field in Russia and facilitate the project cooperation within the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture. Gathered information can be also used by the investors interested in Russian creative industries market.

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«Creative industries: theories and practices»

The first Russian book about the creative industries phenomena 

By Elena Zelentsova and Nickolay Gladkeeh

With participation of Alexei Goncharik, Mikhail Kaluzhsky, Olga Lopukhova, Anna Maniuk, Elena Melville, Anastasia Prokopchuk, Alina Saprykina, Marina Khrustaleva.

The experts who kindly agreed to be interviewed on creative industries are Anatoly Golubovsky, Mikhail Kaluzhsky, Irina Korobyna, Eugenia Linovich, Olga Lopukhova, Igor Luts, Maria Privalova, Elena Tupyseva, Marina Khrustaleva, Olga Shishko.

The authors thank Prof. Justin O'Connor for his consultations, materials and professional interest in developing creative industries in Russia.

© Nickolay Gladkeeh, Elena Zelentsova, text
© Elena Zelentsova, compilation
© Authors of cases and interviews
М., Classica ХХI. 2009

«Creative industries: in theory and in practice» is the first Russian book about the creative industries phenomena and its role in modern economic, social and cultural development, describing both the international and Russian experience. The book includes many case studies, examples of the role of culture and creativity in developing territories, and also includes a series of interviews with Russian experts, a guide to who’s who in the creative industries, and a comprehensive glossary. This book is aimed at creative industries specialists, students and professors, public officials, politicians, consultants and anyone who cares about the Russia’s future.

For the English version of the Creative Industries Agency website we are publishing some extracts of interest to English-speaking readers. Translated by Irina Sherbacova, Elena Ivanova. English version was edited by Paul Webb

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