Creative industries Fair, 2010

Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region
Creative Industries Agency

Supported by:

Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Moscow Region

Kuzminki Moscow RegionalArt House, June 10, 2010

Activities based on cultural resources and creativity are commonly called CREATIVE INDUSTRIES. Creative industries is an economic sector encompassing entrepreneurial activities in the sphere of music and performing arts, design and visual arts, cinema and video, media, advertising and publishing. This economic sector is based on small and medium-sized enterprises, micro-businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

The sphere of culture is dramatically changing nowadays for two reasons – one is economic reforms and decentralization of the state funded sector and the other is the emergence of independent organizations producing cultural goods and services.

Various businesses active in making souvenirs and decorative arts, organization of festivals, as well as production, sound recording, film distribution and fun fair companies in the Moscow Region are rapidly expanding. Many factories of folk traditional arts, located in the Moscow region, are well known both in Russia and abroad.

Creative industry enterprises are today the focus of attention of the Ministry of Culture of the Moscow region and Culture Departments of municipal administrations. Cultural and creative businesses and individual entrepreneurs participate in the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Moscow Region Supporting Programs for Small and Medium-sized Businesses.

Creative Industries Fair of the Moscow Region is a pioneering event in Russia, exhibiting the possibilities of the creative industries sector and initiating a discussion on creative industries in the professional community and mass media.

The focus of the Fair organizers will be in demonstrating effective tools for the sector’s support and increasing the competitiveness of creative businesses of the Moscow Region.

The goal of the project is to develop creative industries as an innovative economy sector throughout the Moscow region as well as to demonstrate the Region’s experience in creative industries.

Project Objectives:

  • Presentation of businesses and individual entrepreneurs working in creative industries of the Moscow region;
  • Providing access to financial resources for small and medium-sized businesses of the creative industries sector;
  • Development of a distribution network for creative industries’ products within and outside the Moscow region;Holding a comprehensive expert discussion on creative industries development in the Moscow region; drawing public attention to creative industries.

Program of the Fair:

  • Exhibition fair for creative industry businesses of the Moscow region.
  • Opening ceremony and a press conference. Participants: Sergei Koshman, Deputy Chair of the Moscow region Government; Vyacheslav Krymov, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Moscow region; Grigory Ivlev, Chair of the Federal Assembly of Russia State Duma Committee on Culture, and Elena Zelentsova, Detector of the Creative Industries Agency.
  • Roundtable «Access to Finances for Creative Industries Businesses» presentation by the Ministry of Economy of the Moscow region, Ministry for Consumer Market and Services of the Moscow region, and presentation of programs for small and medium-sized businesses support;
  • Masterclass by Dmitry Mil’kov: Marketing and Market Positioning in Creative Industries.
  • Publication of the Creative Industries of the Moscow Region catalogue listing the Moscow region creative industries businesses and entrepreneurs – participants of the Fair.

Experts and Guests of the Fair:

  • Representatives of organizations supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (the Russian Microfinance Center, Moscow Region Foundation for Microfinance Development of Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship, Moscow Region Guarantee Fund for Assistance to Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship, Chamber of Commerce of the RF and its territorial branches, Resource Center for Small Entrepreneurship, OPORA Rossii Foundation, Russian Agency for Small Entrepreneurship Support, etc.);
  • Representatives from Russian governmental executive bodies and local government of the Moscow region;
  • Representatives from high education/retraining institutions specializing in business, cultural management and creative professions specialists’ education (the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the RF, Higher School of Economics, Moscow School for Social and Economic Sciences and GITIS Academy), representatives from charity foundations and international organizations .

With participation of the “Culture of the Moscow Region” Moscow region charity public organization for cultural development.