29 December 2010

A new look of an «Old city»

How old are the old cities? Kazan is 1000, Moscow is 860, St. Petersburg is 300. The «Old city» district in the centre of Petrozavodsk, Karelia, is a newborn place. Do you want to improve it? You are welcome to take part the Future City Game which will take place from 14th till 15th February in «Vyhod» («Exit») media centre (14, Marks prospect, Petrozavodsk). For that please register on our website. British Council supports the Future City Game in the framework of the Creative Laboratory «Working with a community and the international projects» organised by «Vyhod» media centre which is part of the Centre for cultural initiatives in Karelia, and «Creative Industries» agency (Moscow).

The aim of the game is to develop the historical district of Petrozavodsk into the socio-cultural centre for leisure activities which will be called “Old City”.

The project of the “Old City” district appeared in 1970s; nowadays it is coordinated by the «Kizhi» State open-air museum. Today there are several historical buildings restored together with the neighbouring territory. There is also an educational centre which is used for lectures and expositions, and a number of socio-cultural activities that are regularly organised in the district.

The Future City game will help to discover the economical and cultural potential of the district and to work out the perspective ideas on its renovation that could be put into action. This is the key for the city development as there is a lack of the unique touristic objects in Petrozavodsk. The projects developed during the game on the base of Russian and European professional experience will be possibly included into the city plan or supported by the investors.  One more important aspect of the game is the community engagement into the city planning and also raising of the creativity among the city developers.

As a result the participants of the game will present several ideas on how to make Petrozavodsk more interesting, attractive and more comfortable for tourists and local people.

 We are happy to invite the representatives of the governmental and non-governmental organisations, members of the business companies, cultural foundations, creative individuals and active local people to take part in the Future City Game. We also invite the European experts – the specialists in the creative economy, urban planning, historical heritage. 

The Future City Game will be held by the experienced Games Master – Galina Shavard from school of Self-determination (Moscow).  Galina took part in the international Creative Cities forum on the city development.

«I love dynamic, smart and beautiful cities, which are full of energy and which have their own rhythm and lifestyle. Each time when I get to the new place I try to feel its spirit and its sounds.  The charm of the cities is the result of the everyday care, the creativity and collaboration of its citizens. It is great that we started thinking more about the places where we live, about the people around us. I am happy that more and more people want to make their cities better places to live in».

Our partners:

«Creative industries» agency (Moscow)

Centre for cultural initiatives in Karelia

«Kizhi» State open-air museum

For more detailed information please contact Lidia Khesed at Lidia.khesed@britishcouncil.ru.