28 Febrary 2011


“Creative city” project laboratory is going to take place in March, 24-25, 2011, at Siberian Federal University. The event is held by Creative Industries Agency with the support of Siberian Federal University and The Embassy of Finland to Russia.
10 Febrary 2011

Creative economy for local community

Creative Industries Agency And British Council in Moscow welcome to the forum “Creative economy for local community” which is hold in the framework of Creative Cities and Creative Economy projects. The forum will take place on 12th February at 18.30 at the British Council office (1, Nikoloyamskaya str, Moscow).
29 December 2010

A new look of an «Old city»

How old are the old cities? Kazan is 1000, Moscow is 860, St. Petersburg is 300. The «Old city» district in the centre of Petrozavodsk, Karelia, is a newborn place. Do you want to improve it? You are welcome to take part the Future City Game which will take place from 14th till 15th February in «Vyhod» («Exit») media centre (14, Marks prospect, Petrozavodsk). For that please register on our website. British Council supports the Future City Game in the framework of the Creative Laboratory «Working with a community and the international projects» organised by «Vyhod» media centre which is part of the Centre for cultural initiatives in Karelia, and «Creative Industries» agency (Moscow).
29 December 2010


This time the Laboratory is taking place in Petrozavodsk from 14th till 18th February, 2011. Laboratory includes “Future city” game and a project laboratory, dedicated to socio-cultural projects within international integration and work with communities. Project Laboratory will introduce best practices and teach to convert knowledge into practice with the help of project technologies.
24 December 2010

Weekend School 2010

Though the name is not very breathtaking as nobody wants to study at weekends our Weekend School combined fun and studies
22 December 2010

The regional cultural policy concept entitled ‘The Perm Project’

The ‘Creative Industries Agency’ created a regional cultural policy concept commissioned by The Ministry of culture of Perm krai. The concept entitled “Perm project” was officially presented at The 6th Perm Economic Forum in Perm on 18-18 September, 2010
10 November 2010

The Panel discussion “Cultural city space and city development” will take place in Sochi, November, 10, 2010, within the project “The Creative South. Cultural and symbolic resources of the South”.

The idea of changing the city by means of culture and creativity is an increasingly prominent position in the strategies of socio-economic development throughout the world nowadays. Culture forms a positive image of an area, increases the level of human capital, and plays a key role in the formation of an attractive and comfortable urban environment.
10 November 2010

International forum “Culture in action” is taking place in Moscow, November, 12-14, 2010.

The Forum, organized with the support of Creative Industries Agency, Russia, and Goethe-Institut, Germany, focuses on the issue of management in the cultural sector. “Culture in action” is an immense event aiming at representing a wide specter of regional and international cultural projects both existing and perspective.
28 October 2010

Results of Laboratory in Perm, 2010

On 6-11 October 2010 project Laboratory «Museum and design: socio-cultural projects in cities» took place. Laboratory was dedicated to museum development, design and urban development. There were 38 participants who took part in Lab, among them – museum workers, designers, and lecturers teaching design, creative entrepreneurs from Perm city and the region.
23 September 2010

Creative industries Agency is taking part in Perm Economic Forum 2010.

The 6th Perm Economic Forum will take place on September 17-18 where Russian and foreign experts, entrepreneurs, politicians, cultural figures and scholars will discuss “New economy and cultural policy” The main objective of the Forum - to determine relations between the process of modernization, the new economy, cultural policy and human development. The forum will focus on various stages and aspects of modernization - the technological, economic, institutional, political and ideological. Over the discussions within the Forum the following issues will be covered: Support of innovative economy and the need for modernization, New economy and the modernization of the region, Investment in culture, Cultural innovation, Europe's cultural policy.